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JobZilla has proved to have lots of jobs not shown on the larger job sites. This has made the job search process much more personal and rewarding by delivering results, such as... great well paid freelance contracts. GRANT ANDREWS - FREELANCER

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Get the latest Tech News FREE

Get the latest Tech News FREE from iTWire, Australia's most read independent technology news source. With 327,505 (Nielsen SiteCensus) visitors..

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Tech sector salaries on the rise as demand for professionals heats up
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Tech sector salaries on the rise as demand for professionals heats up

Things are looking up for Australia’s tech professionals, particularly for those starting out in the technology industry, with a new..

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Pick-up in jobs as focus turns to pre-emptive action on cyber security
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Pick-up in jobs as focus turns to pre-emptive action on cyber security

A number of organisations in Australia are forming their own team of cyber-security experts, allowing the enterprise to take a..

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Latest Candidates

thought I would never be able to find a good job. Anyhow I took a look at the jobs
  • FREELANCER Workplace Trainer & Assessor

    I have years of experience in ICT, Business, Retail, Employment Services & Disability (NDIS).

    • Ability to communicate and relate to clients

    • Commitment to meet and exceed expectations

    • Ready for any challenge, great or small

    • Strong work ethic and positive outlook on life

    • Flexibility and resilient for any situation

    I am now seeking new opportunities, I would enjoy working in a Training role within my area of expertise or additionally let me try my hand at a totally new challenge!

    For more information contact our Job Doctor [email protected]

    Andrew Bennell

    NSW, Australia

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Towards any serious attempt to do things differently. We’re
Talented people but these people are difficult to recruit,  

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